Preschool and

3 Years to 5 Years Old

Becoming a preschooler is an exciting milestone in your child’s life. Preschoolers are growing more independent, and their interests are starting to evolve and become more focused. They are starting to form friendships, often based on similar interests. The teachers in our play-based classrooms recognize this and provide experiences for the children that allow them to develop their unique interests further. Some of the ways we explore our curiosities outside of the classroom are by playing on the playground, going on field trips in the community, and inviting in special guests. Book a tour to learn all about how our preschool program can support your child as they prepare for kindergarten and beyond.


In the Preschool classroom, we are learning through play. We provide many hands-on experiences which allow to create, observe, and explore the world around them. Lesson plans are designed based on themes. These plans include activities designed to explore all developmental areas, including language and literacy, science and math, fine/gross motor skills, art and music, and more. We continue to work with the children on skills to promote independence, such as getting ready to go play outside, clearing their own dishes, and taking care of their own bathroom needs. This in turn promotes self-esteem and prepares each child for the next phase of their development.


In our prekindergarten (PK) classroom, we provide plenty of time for children to explore, play, and experiment. Learning takes time and repetition and is different for every child. We extend children’s learning by routinely sharing in activities chosen by the children. In the PK room, we offer many opportunities for conversation, sharing ideas, asking questions, and helping each other. Classroom lesson plans contain enough information for the teacher to feel prepared, yet are flexible enough to make room for children’s questions and interests. To help the children develop toward each learning standard, we supply materials and activities that the children may not have used or mastered. Children at this age learn by doing, so we do our best to offer them a variety of firsthand experiences.

Our Curriculum

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What Our Families Are Saying

My son had been going to RHECC since he’s been 4 months old and I can honestly say I don’t worry about the care he received while we are at work. Having that peace of mind as a parent is invaluable. Being our first child, we toured at least 6 different daycares in the area and once we saw how the staff interacted with the kids, it was an easy decision to send him to RHECC.
-Nicole V.
All three of our girls have attended RHECC, and we love it! The school has the curriculum, structure, and consistency of a center, but also the relaxed family feel of an in-home daycare (which we’ve also used in the past). All the teachers know our kids, even if they aren’t the main teacher for their classroom. The teachers are kind, empathetic, and truly care about each child in their classes. It feels like a big family! We also love the emphasis on play-based learning and outside playtime, and appreciate that RHECC makes that a priority.
-Becky D.
Our two-year-old has been going to RHECC since he was a baby and we have been beyond impressed with the quality of the care that he has received. Everyone on staff is so caring and creative. We can tell their hearts are in it and this is more than just a job to them. Sending our child to RHECC is one of the best decisions we have made as parents and we are so grateful our son has all these wonderful people in his life!
-Katie and Lucas J.
River Hills is a center where your children are truly loved and cared for as part of a family. All of the staff members are engaged and compassionate; they nurture your child’s unique strengths during this time of such important development. There are numerous opportunities for families to be involved. There is a wonderful balance of learning, both intellectually and socially, through experience and play. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
-Renee T.
RHECC is seriously the best center around. When we moved to the area, trying to find a new daycare was very stressful. From the moment I toured I knew that this would be the place that I would feel comfortable leaving my baby. They are absolutely wonderful with him, and he has learned so much through his time there. He loves going there every morning and enjoys seeing all the teachers and his friends. They are wonderful with communication and are always willing to listen to any concerns or questions that I have had, they are also very supportive in each stage (such as when he started solid foods). I feel completely comfortable leaving him there while I am at work, which is the biggest blessing. We are so thankful that we found RHECC! They are truly a blessing to our family!
-Salone D.
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